Become a YMCA Easter House Authorized Reseller!

Help the YMCA of the Treasure Coast meet it's fundraising goal for the year and earn cash for every ticket sold. Sell a minimum of 25 tickets and earn $1 for every ticket sold.

Sign Up
The sign up process is easy. Just give us your name, address, phone number, email address and a reseller code. Your reseller code should be something that's easy for you to remember and it should be 6 to 14 Alpha/Numeric characters. You will receive an email after you signup confirming your information.

Using the Reseller Code to Earn Rewards
The Reseller Code should be entered on the order form when purchasing tickets online. You will receive credit for every ticket purchased using your reseller code for tickets bought online. This does not include any free tickets or any tickets ordered by mail.

Reseller Portal
To view how many tickets you have sold you can log in to the Reseller Portal and review your ticket sales. To log in to the Reseller Portal you will need your User ID and Email.

Reward Details
Sell a minimum of 25 tickets and receive $1 for every ticket sold. You can include your ticket purchase as part of your minimum. You may take your reward in one of three ways: $1 for each ticket sold, 1 Easter House ticket for every 10 tickets sold, or donate my rewards to the YMCA of the Treasure Coast. Please select the option you choose below.

Receiving Rewards
The rewards will be issued 7 days after the drawing. If you select EH tickets as the reward they will be issued on the date of the drawing, the same day ticket sales stop. Only tickets purchased up until noon on the day of the drawing are eligible for the offer if you choose to receive free tickets. Anything after the drawing will automatically be issued in cash. The reward is automatically issued.

Reseller Log In

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